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Attendees of the “Prepare, Pitch, Present” workshop can expect an immersive and comprehensive experience designed to empower actors, creatives, and visionaries with the tools and techniques needed to master auditions and secure their desired roles. This dynamic workshop will cover a range of essential topics, including:


By the end of the workshop, attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the audition process, improved self-presentation, and practical strategies for advancing their careers in the performing arts.


January Curry

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, January D. Curry’s fascination with the entertainment world began early in her life. Her initial foray into the arts saw her stepping onto the theater stage at the age of nine. She quickly moved up the ranks, securing spots in national commercials and playing small but significant roles in major theatrical productions. By the time she was 12, January’s interest in music had deepened, leading her to explore and refine her vocal skills.

Her musical endeavors have been nothing short of impressive. January has opened shows for well-known recording artists, sung the National Anthem at Cincinnati Reds games, and performed with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, collaborating with both Grammy-nominated and award-winning producers.

2003 marked a pivotal year for January when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, a city she now affectionately considers her home. Remaining true to her roots in acting, she broadened her scope in the industry, delving into the realms of casting, writing, and producing. January’s career is rich with varied experiences, marked by her contributions to a host of acclaimed theatrical films and major network projects. Her notable works include roles in “Almost Christmas,” “Creed,” and “The Underground,” as well as participation in TV One’s “Born Again Virgin,” Bounce TV’s “Saints & Sinners,” BET’s “Tales,” and BYU’s “Dwight In Shining Armor.” January’s path through the entertainment industry is a vivid illustration of her diverse talent and her steadfast commitment to the arts.


Learn from industry experts about their secrets for success, network with other like-minded individuals, and pick up some valuable tips/resources along the way.




Rhonda Marie Alston

Rhonda Marie Alston, a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, discovered her passion for the performing arts early on. Her artistic journey led her to The North Carolina School of the Arts by age 14, where she honed her craft in modern dance and theater. Rhonda’s talent soon translated to the screen when she secured the role of “Lucille” in the CBS miniseries “Shake Rattle and Roll.”

Rhonda moved to Miami in 2003, delving into production with Ethnicity Model Management. Her dedication and talent were undeniable, and by 2005 she joined the Screen Actors Guild and made the pivotal move to Los Angeles.

Rhonda’s career in Hollywood is marked by appearances in various productions, as well as vital behind-the-scenes roles for networks like ABC, HBO, and CBS. Behind the scenes, she worked on the trailblazing series “Queen Sugar” for the OWN Network, directed entirely by women. Her collaboration with icons such as Oprah Winfrey on the HBO film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” further cemented her stature in the industry.

Beyond the silver screen, Rhonda is revered for her altruistic endeavors, contributing significantly to philanthropic causes such as Dwight Howard’s D12 Foundation, Josh Powell’s 21 Reasons to Give, and the Booker T Fights for Kids Foundation by wrestling legends Booker T and Sharmell Huffman. Her giving spirit is matched by her business acumen, as the founder of Goldie Belle, LLC, a sports talent management firm dedicated to guiding current and former athletes through the intricacies of television, commercial, modeling, and film endeavors. Rhonda’s vision also birthed Forever Golden Films, a production company celebrating female perspectives in filmmaking.




The “Prepare, Pitch, Present” workshop stands as a premier platform for professionals across a wide range in the entertainment industry, aiming to sharpen their skills and elevate their career trajectories. This exclusive workshop is conducted by experienced casting directors and industry heavyweights, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to refine your expertise in key areas of the entertainment business.

In this workshop, you’ll delve into the essentials of preparing for a thriving career in TV and Film, guided by experts who know the industry inside out. They will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively pitch yourself to agents and managers, a critical step in carving out a successful path in this competitive field.

“Prepare, Pitch, Present” also focuses on the crucial aspect of auditioning. You’ll learn how to prepare for auditions in a way that not only showcases your talent but also aligns perfectly with the expectations of today’s casting professionals. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are well-equipped to secure your ideal role.!

Here's What You'll Learn:

The workshop is designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants from various backgrounds and levels of experience who share a common goal of mastering the art of the audition and understanding the nuances of the entertainment industry.

Emerging talent at the onset of their performing arts careers, this workshop offers invaluable insights into industry success strategies. It’s a guidepost for navigating the early and often challenging steps of a career in entertainment.… YOU NEED TO ATTEND
Writers, directors, and producers interested in the finer points of pitching ideas and projects… YOU NEED TO ATTEND
Students and aspiring professionals in the field of entertainment looking to discover a wealth of practical knowledge and advice… YOU NEED TO ATTEND
Fascinated by the mechanics of the entertainment industry and wish to expand your understanding and professional network.… YOU NEED TO ATTEND
Individuals interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of the entertainment world, looking to broaden their knowledge and network with industry professionals.… YOU NEED TO ATTEND
If you want to expand your connections, and network with other creatives facing similar challenges and share experiences… YOU NEED TO ATTEND

The Prepare Pitch Present workshop offers you a proven blueprint followed by numerous successful actors who have seen remarkable achievements in their careers. Countless attendees have landed the roles they’ve always aspired to, securing not just significant roles but also substantial paychecks, all while engaging in work that ignites their passion. This workshop is your gateway to transforming your acting career into a journey you love and a profession that rewards you well.




Discover a standout event crafted for actors, visionaries, and creatives eager to land their dream roles and thrive in the acting world. This is a unique opportunity, guided by an industry-leading casting director, designed to elevate your acting career to unprecedented heights. There’s simply no other workshop that matches its potential to transform your professional journey.


Expert Insights:

Gain unparalleled wisdom from seasoned professionals who have navigated the industry’s ebbs and flows. They’ll share their insider knowledge on what casting directors are truly looking for.

Engage in interactive sessions where you’ll practice and refine your audition techniques, ensuring you make a memorable impression every time you step into a casting room.

Connect with fellow actors, industry creatives, and possibly even agents and managers. These connections can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Receive personalized critique that will help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback is gold—it’s tailored advice that can help you stand out in a competitive field.

Learn the dos and don’ts that aren’t written in any manual but can make or break your journey to securing that dream role.

Build the kind of confidence that radiates in auditions. Understand how to present your unique brand and talents in the best light possible.

Walk away with actionable strategies and techniques that you can immediately apply to your next audition or performance.

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